New Blog

Hi! And thanks for stopping by LiterallyCourtney!  I have moved on to a new blog, something I am more passionate about and what I will solely be focusing on: travel, restaurants, and boutique hotels!

I love recommending hotels and places to eat while people are exploring new cities.  While I posted here for four years and have met great people and other fellow blogger friends (Hi Shelby!), I felt like this wasn’t giving me the drive I needed to be creative, especially because I would post about whatever I wanted and no one knew what to expect.  It made it easy for me to not care because there was no routine (and I am very routine driven)! I am excited for my new blogging journey and my journey to discover beautiful hotels along the way.

You can read about my adventures and recommendations here:

Instagram: twoweekspaidvacation

Twitter: twoweekspaidvac
It’s been a great ride – over and out! (Now I’m kind of sad)..


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