Flannel – OOTD

CIAOOOOO – It’s been awhile – I have been moving!  To the heart of the city – yay!  So I have been crazy busy.

Okay, so, I wasn’t even going to post about my OOTD because I just threw whatever I could find on.. something easy and casual, but sort of cute??  It’s no longer cold, so I can’t cover up in my chunky sweaters (my go to); I wasn’t even sure if I LIKED THE OUTFIT, but I posted it to Snapchat and oddly enough, I got a lot of compliments on it, which is kinda what I needed because I was feeling like a frumpy dump.

I think I always forget how great the light-weight flannel is.  And it’s a shirt that EVERYONE can rock.  You can do so many different things with it.

Red flannel – Madewell, Blue striped shirt – Madwell

Jeans – Pacsun; they have the cutest/greatest jeans IMO.

Sandals – Birkenstock

On a more serious note, should I buy a pair of white birks?


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