Germantown Inn – Nashville, TN

If it hasn’t been obvious yet, then it will be obvious now: I am obsessed with boutique and/or luxury hotels.  And the Germantown Inn, hands down, has been the best hotel I’ve stayed in yet.  101% of me left there completely satisfied and wanting more.

Whenever I travel, I always make it a point to stay in a hotel that I haven’t stayed in before because the experience is always so different, but with the Germantown Inn, I would have a tough time staying in a different hotel in Nashville, TN, when I loved THIS HOTEL SO MUCH.  Ok, let me STFU and show you the pictures and try to coerce you falling in love with a building.

So, it’s centrally located in Germantown (duh), which I would highly suggest staying in Germantown/East Nashville (and not downtown), if you are more into the urban/eclectic atmosphere.  Upon our arrival, we were greeted with WINE!  FREE WINE!  I was sold already.  It was happy hour and all the guests were mingling – there are only six rooms in the hotel, so the atmosphere is super intimate, which I just love because I am obsessed with people.

Jeremy walked us to our room and gave us a tour of the building and he is WONDERFUL.
wine germantown inn

*crying* because THIS is just the cutest place.

Now, before I dive right in with more pictures, I must say, Chase would be fine sleeping on a couch when we vacation, he couldn’t care less about boutique hotels, but when I discovered this hotel, I thought he might be sort of excited because he likes history and the neat thing about the Germantown Inn is that each of the six rooms are named after a president that had ties to Nashville!  AH!  Every room is different and they leave the doors to every room open until said guest checks in, so you get to go in and look around at the different decor and the fun pictures of the presidents, because they aren’t just normal portraits, they’re artsy, colorful and fun.

our room 3

This room. This bed. I just love it.  One thing that I love about boutique hotels is the customer service – I booked the room over the phone with Sue, the inn keeper and she was so nice.  I told her we were coming for our birthdays, when we got into our room, there were cookies and cupcakes waiting for us.  Great, I am going to cry again.  THAT IS JUST THE NICEST – something you wouldn’t receive in a standard chain hotel with 400 rooms and 70+ employees.

Now, this girl loves a great bathroom and a powerful shower head and indeed, it was powerful and the best shower I’ve had in awhile.

bathroom 1

The Germantown Inn offered breakfast (coffee and pastries) and happy hour in the evenings, which both took place in the kitchen:

entrance kitchen

Which was right off of the common area:


lounge 3

^everything about this interior design I LOVE.  Who knew a shoe tree could be so cute?

lounge 2

And sometimes you come home drunk after dining at Fifth and Taylor and start to read the newspaper….

lounge day 1

Aaaaand, it’s even prettier during the day… and back to the newspaper, sober, this time!

lounge day

Peeking into another room:

another room

another room 1

I wasn’t lying about the pink hair…

Other things that I loved; the “NOPE leave me alone” sign in place of the “do not disturb” sign – it is cute and fun!  And the beautiful rugs, there were soooo many different rugs here and I just loved every single one of them.

The Germantown Inn has a ton of restaurants in the area that are walking distance.. like a five minute walk.  We accidentally ordered an Uber ride who took us literally 1.5 blocks… Oops.

Also, it really isn’t too bad of a walk to downtown (Broadway street), it is about a 20-30 minute walk.  I loved staying on the urban side of town, it’s a lot quieter, charming and a completely different ball game compared to the crazy bars swarming with bachelorette parties (we still visited Broadway, but mostly hung out in Printers Alley).

I could talk about this hotel ALL day.  It is so cute and a must stay.  Maybe for your next romantic getaway?!  I say yes.


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