Pittsburgh – Day 2!


Can you believe it’s March already?  I can’t, but that just means we are getting closer to warmer weather!  So excited.  Sooo, a few more pictures and a couple of restaurant recommendations today – I hope you like margaritas 😉

My sister’s boyfriend’s family owns an authentic Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, Girasole. It’s a quaint little restaurant with some of the best Italian cibi (food) I have tried.. and I have tried a lot!  It was also nice meeting some of his family as well.

The restaurant has stone walls and I think it might be in a basement, the stone walls made it feel even more authentic.  It was cozy.

^^linguine rustic – if you love clams and seafood, this dish is for you!

One of my favorite things to do after eating a nice italian dinner is to get a cup of coffee; my best friend got me hooked on this and I just love it.  There is just something about post dinner coffee… and then I got the rest of them to get coffee too.

Which meant everyone wanted a picture with their mugs… see.. COFFEE REALLY DOES BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.

Then we decided to take the incline up to the top of the city; a very touristy thing to do, but you have to do it… and I will admit, riding the incline was a little scary.


After some sightseeing, we went to Tako, which is who owns Meat and Potatoes (my last post was about M&P).  Tako was completely booked with reservations and they weren’t taking anyone on the wait list, so we thought we would get there right when they opened and sit at the bar…. welllllll, getting there eight minutes after they open just wasn’t good enough because the bar seats were filled!  So we ordered some margaritas and stood around and watched like hawks… and eventually we got a seat!  This place had about 10 different types of margaritas, which I loved!  The downside was that I had three and felt nothing?  Maybe I’m the one with the problem….



The best margarita I’ve ever had: thai coconut milk margarita.. it was sweet and amazing and I just want more and more.

^^mexican style street corn, another must.

^^spicy cucumber margarita… here’s the thing, I LOVE cucumber drinks, but the spiciness overpowered the cucumber 😥 so, Jordan and I swapped margaritas.

Stay tuned for some Nashville ideas!  I promise it will be this coming week and not April! 😉


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