Pittsburgh – day 1!


So, last weekend I visited Pittsburgh for the first time!  I know, I know, it’s hard to believe considering I only live several hours away and I WILL DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK.  It was such a fun, go with the flow weekend.

On the drive, my sister and I tried to decide where we should eat and whaddya know?  All the good restaurants are booked up and you couldn’t even wait for a table to become available.  How does that happen??? However, Meat and Potatoes had a 9:15 reservation, so we decided to do it, since we weren’t getting in until 7:00.

*If there’s one thing I’m learning and working on in 2017, it’s to not feel rushed because 1) it’s stressful 2) it’s a fun sucker

Taking a late reservation gave us time to relax, so we popped open some bottles of wine and whiskey (no, I don’t drink whiskey, but men do… yuck….) and talked for a couple of hours and then made our way there.

How did we decide on Meat and Potatoes?  Simple, it has over one thousand Yelp reviews.  And the number of reviews made sense. Not only was the food great, but I loved the ambiance (and rosé)


^the best pappardelle bolognese. I mean, holy shit… the pasta itself was EXCELLENT. 

^apple cinnamon cheesecake

After dinner, we walked to Proper Big Oven and Taproom.  We had a drink and left because I was practically falling asleep at the bar… that’s what happens when you get older, the bar is no longer comfortable, nor appropriate to sleep at. So we went home and hit the hay.

Until next time!


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