Best Year – Week 3 & 4


Let’s jump right in because I am BEHIND AF.

Friday, the 13th (spooky): So, I bit the bullet and decided to upgrade my phone from the 5s to the 7+.  I’ve been holding off for awhile because I had unlimited data, but once I upgraded, they would get rid of my data, which isn’t fair, BUT it’s fine.  I also hated how big the 7+ was, but the camera is amazing and I decided to deal with it.  It didn’t take me long before I adapted to the size of the 7+.  When I picked up my 5s, it felt like I was holding a Nokia from the 90’s.

Some pictures below with the 7+:

Weekend 14th-15th:  This weekend was filled with family, friends and a whoooole lotta football.  It was great, we played a lot of games, had a lot of drinks and laughed a lot. I love weekends like this.

Chase’s parents made carnitas and cilantro rice and it was AMAZING.. better than Chipotle, just saying.

Later on, we went to our friends house and watched more football and Hey Arnold and also played Taboo.. which is really fun, but hard when your teammate has had too much to drink, lol.


*disclaimer – not many photos of this week 😦

Monday 16 – so, this was by no means fun, but I felt accomplished and broke; I had three of my tires changed.  When it comes to adulting, just looking for the silver-lining.  I will now feel more comfortable driving in the snow/rain!

Wednesday 18 – I watched the two most recent episodes of This Is Us, ugh.. what a show. 10/10 would recommend.

Thursday 19 – I saw the movie Jackie.  and holy hell, Natalie Portman did an amazing job!  The movie was slow, but not sure how a movie like that could be fast.

Friday 20 – I saw the movie Split and went out for sushi afterwards.  Would not recommend Split.  The mental health aspect was cool, but it had a really weird plot twist that made it cheesy. and sushi is always a win with me.

Saturday 21 – Hung out with friends all day and went to Pappadeaux!  I stayed up till 4:00 a.m., which is groundbreaking for me, I’m usually asleep by 9:00 p.m.!

Sunday 22 – Started the morning with mimosas and finished the day with football.  img_0220


BOOM, we are up to speed, people!

Part of my reason for wanting to have the best year ever and documenting what I’m doing is to inspire others is to encourage people to find time outside of the weekend to have fun.  For the longest time, I thought only fun could happen on the weekends, but I’m trying to turn that around.

Let this tweet be your inspiration for next Monday, but you don’t even have to wait, make tonight your Taco Tuesday!


That being said, last night I went on a double date for margarita Monday.


^^ugh, is this just not the prettiest set up?



^^churros for the win.



Have a kick ass Tuesday, y’all!


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