Best Year – Week 2


We are in the second week of January already.. I mean, that’s not that long, but considering my resolution is to have the best year ever, I am off to a good start.

Like I said in my previous post, to have the best year (or even the best day), you have to make time for people.  I know it’s tempting to want to lay in bed and binge watch The OA or Stranger Things, but people want to see you, I’m sure!

So last Saturday, Chase and I went to brunch at First Watch and I had the best avocado toast and kale tonic drink.. it’s the little things in life!  After that, we had a pretty lowkey day spent with our friends hanging at home, which is honestly THE BEST.

On Sunday, I went to my friend’s baby shower!  They are in town from Chicago, so it was nice to catch up with them – they are expecting a little girl. PSA – Babies R US has the CUTEST baby shit.  I mean, it’s baby store, so I don’t know what I was expecting.

Post baby shower, I went to ANOTHER friend’s house to watch the Golden Globes!  I swear to god, you need to have a girl’s night every now and then.  Fajitas were for dinner, followed by homemade cookies, homemade popcorn, ice cream and champagne.  You could say we went all in.  We had to cheer our friends on (I.E. Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, etc.)


By the time I crawled into bed, it was 1:00 a.m. and I was feeling preeeetty sad about having to go to work on Monday, but that didn’t keep me down because Monday wasn’t that bad, so I perked up.

I forked over a lot of money on Monday to get my hair did (chopped and added more color to my balayage), so that was a relaxing three hours that I got to sit and chat with my stylist (also my friend who I’ve known for 10 years).  Post haircut, I went to Chase’s parent’s house to watch the Alabama vs. Clemson game (was rooting for Clemson because Alabama is always winning), so it was nice to see them come out on top, although, I fell asleep pretty early!  But I fell asleep on the couch with Chase and his dog, so the night was again, lowkey!

Tuesday night I grabbed sushi with one of my best friends, Sarah, and we sat around for a few hours.  Wednesday night, my friend was home with his wife and their new baby from the Caribbean (he is studying med school there).  I haven’t seen them in almost two years!  So I was excited to catch up over coffee with them.  *I worked at Starbucks for eight years, which is where we met and I ended up seeing a lot of my old co-workers there, so it was like a mini reunion.

After coffee with friends, I went out with Sarah AGAIN – we went out for Mexican this time.

Last night I was really productive and impressed, although, everything I did was boring, I did adulting pretty well – I went to the grocery store, made a healthy dinner (boring) for only $8.00 and there were leftovers!  Did laundry (boring x 2), but then I spent the night with Chase.

I hope everyone is having THE BEST week – if you are, what is the best thing you did in the last week?


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