Welcome 2017!

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had time to relax post-holidays and food comas to ponder about their New Years resolution.. like we do every year..

Some people chalk up resolutions to be a sham and a “what’s the point,” but for many people (and me being one of them), it is surreal! It’s a brand new year and you can wipe your slate clean and make changes… that you might not keep for very long, but that’s okay! (A for effort.. am I right?)

To me, the new year signifies rejuvenation and turning over a new leaf.  Most people say they want to join a gym and lose weight.. that’s been mine every year for the past five years, but somehow I’m eating my body weight in chicken fingers three days later.. You win some and you lose some, well, I was gaining, but you get the gist.

In the last week of 2016, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted my resolution to be and I wasn’t really thinking that hard about it, UNTIL… drum roll, please.. I was driving through German Village and the Brewery District, admiring all the people and the cute, unique houses decorated in bows and lights. Then I started driving through Columbus, admiring the tall buildings and the fun things to do. We rolled up to Tommy’s Pizza, which my dad said is the best in Columbus, but he’s never been there (something doesn’t add up, but I ate it).

and BAM.. it hit me, this was it.. my resolution is to have the best year of my life in 2017. I often get sad thinking about how we are working our lives away and there are so many things to do and see, but we don’t do it because we’re tired, we have to get up early, we need to add more money into our 401Ks, we gotta do our chores and so and so forth, boring SHIT.

In order to have the best year of your life, you have to be willing to put forth the effort, learning to just say yes, time and some moola and this goes against everything I was taught about saving money, but I will be 27 and NOW is the time to live the life I want to live, at least before I’m fucking 30.

Join me on my journey to having the best year of my life and maybe you can do this for 2018!


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