Top “must see” Attraction in Seattle

In my last post, I hinted that you should come back in a few days if you wanted to see something pretty and glass… so here it is.. the prettiest glass you will ever see!  All the photos you will see below were taken at Chihuly Garden and Glass.  A couple of the photos talk about why Chihuly did what he did and what those works of art mean.

This was hands down, one of the best/my favorite attractions that I visited while I was in Seattle.  I had no idea what to expect, but was in complete awe as I walked through and so will you [when you visit]!  You have to go.  I am making you go.

If I were to visit Seattle again, which I will… just not soon enough – this would totally be on my MUST SEE list.  I would go every time.  It’s hard to believe that someone created all of this beauty, strictly from glass.  It’s also sort of trippy 😉

My only suggestion would be to go earlier in the day, like right when they open – only because it was fairly crowded and it was hard not to be photobombing someone else’s photo and vice versa; however, it did not make the exhibit any less appealing.  I also wonder if it’s open at night because some of the outdoor exhibit would be crazy looking.



actual amazeballs ^^^ [also my favorite piece there]


Rock candy???


Next, we start our journey to the Starbucks Roastery, on foot (mostly uphill) and I was miserable and sweaty…. see you in a few days, friends!DSC_0952DSC_0953DSC_0954

Orange is the New Black Season 4 just released on Friday and I’m already on episode 10.  I.MUST.POWER.THROUGH.IT.  (also, it’s WAY better than last season).


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