Italian Dinner Sunday – How to Make Bolognese


I think that people really under estimate how important alone time/”me” time is.. at least I do.  If I’m not working, I am DOING something ALWAYS with other people.  Well, this Sunday was different and it was amazing.

Chase went to a golf tournament in Columbus, which was what I needed for me to have my “me” time because I’m a freak and I’m obsessed with hanging out.  This past Sunday (6.5.2016) was the most ideal Sunday… the Sunday I have dreamt of for YEARS (not sure why I just didn’t do this sooner).

I went to the grocery store.  I went to lunch with a friend and had a beer (the beer is important because beer, damnit)!  Ate ice cream.  Cleaned my bathroom – sounds terrible, but it was necessary and didn’t even feel like a chore because I did it willy nilly!  Everything is better like that.  I painted my  nails, because lets face it, the chipped purple nail polish was starting to get a little too shitty looking.  Here’s the kicker, I finally took on a challenge.. a culinary challenge:

Beyonce Shocked Gif

I’m Italian.  I dream of Italian food.. pasta, bread, sauce, you name it.. so I ventured out of my comfort zone (buttered noodles, alfredo, etc.) and made BOLOGNESE SAUCE.  I know, I know, I know.. it seems daunting.  I’ve never cooked with wine or beef before and was scared, but it was soooo easy.  The only downfall is that you HAVE to let it simmer for about 3-4 hours.. this is crucial.  This is why it’s the perfect Sunday meal when you have nothing planned for your day and can hang in the kitchen all day long and watch this beautiful meal progress.

I adapted the recipe from Cooking – NY Times.  It had almost 500+ comments and was rated the highest after searching on google.  I did a little research on the culinary Chef, Marcella Hazan and am sooooort of obsessssed with her background and her history with cibi Italiano (italian food).

Also, it’s funny because I asked my dad if he had heard of Marcella Hazan (but said Marzelle instead) and he said no.. well, about 20 minutes later he wanted to compare the recipe to the Italian cookbook he had…. and it was MARCELLA HAZAN’S COOKBOOK.. lol.  I just thought it was funny…and great.

You can find the recipe in the above link, but I did change a few things.  I continuously added garlic powder, until I thought it was enough – personal preference, but who doesn’t like anything garlic?  Second, instead of using 1.5 cups canned plum tomatoes, I used the full 28 ounce can.  I personally don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much without the extra tomatoes.

Both of my parents loved it.  My dad is Italian and cooks ALL THE TIME and he loved it and said he would not change anything… and trust me, he’s not just saying that because he’s my dad.. he tells you how it is when it comes to cooking.



Where my Breaking Bad fans at?!?!?



Buon appetito!


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