Indy 500

Happy Saturday!

Ahhh, this is the Saturday I have been longing for – you have no idea, but let me tell you… the past couple of weeks I’ve been the engergizer bunny, my days never stopped and my nights seemed sleepless and I have been traveling the past two weekends, so I was absolutely thrilled to have no plans this weekend.

I just made Belgian waffles with Chase and our friend and now we are watching golf (just to tell you how relaxing it’s been).

Every year Chase’s family goes to the Indy 500. This is my second year going.  I always have a BLAST with his family for the Indy 500 because it’s a family reunion weekend.

It was especially crowded this year because it was the 100th running of the Indy 500 – usually there is room to move around, but we were literally packed in there like sardines. I ended up leaving after the 49th lap and sitting under a tree on the golf course for shade because it was tooooooo hot.


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