Coffee in Seattle

Morning from the Pacific Northwest! 

I cannot believe I am here.  Seattle has been on my bucket list for nearly a decade. A damn DECADE. And I’m finally here.

I worked at Starbucks for eight years, so coffee, Starbucks, Howard Schultz and Seattle have a big place in my heart.  I had to visit the mothership of coffee.

I spent most of the day at Pike Place Market, which was phenomenal.. Like words cannot describe it.

So day 1: went to the original Starbucks (waited in line). It was so cool. I ordered a latte because how could I not?

Also, everyone knows it rains in Seattle, but somehow I came unprepared and did not pack a single thing with a hood, so I ran all over town looking for a raincoat and no stores sold them…? Lol.

Columbia came to the rescue.  I loved this rain coat, because it kind of bunches in the back and so it’s a little bit more waist flattering. Lord knows I need it after this trip (so many pictures of food coming to this blog.. Near you). I am cheesy. And such a tourist.  In the second picture below, I popped into the public house for a drink and I am drinking a cold brew coffee ale, which was amazing. Any coffee lover would appreciate.


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