A Day in Cincinnati


Two weeks ago Chase and I had an amazing weekend – filled with great eats and an adventure to Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal (one of my favorite places).

We went to Taft’s Ale House, my new favorite restaurant (located in Over the Rhine, Ohio).  Taft’s is in an old church that was built in the 1850’s.  They are also a brewery with a TON of tasty beers.

This girl does not enjoy IPA’s, so sour/fruity beers are right up my alley.  Chase always insists that I try what he’s drinking and my tongue disintegrates. BLAH.  The sandwich I ordered is the Alehouse – tri-tip steak (almost every item features that), alehouse onions, bleu cheese and red ranch sauce – TALK ABOUT DELICIOUS. Oh, and a side of tater tots, of course.  This is one restaurant that I would never get sick of.  The atmosphere is great too.

After that we went to Holtmans – a very popular donut shop in the OTR area, but they have two other locations as well.  I always get the maple frosted donut with BACON.. BACON.. BACON. Ugh.

Holtmans - Lucky Charms

We ended our day by visiting the Union Terminal – The Art of The Brick in Cincinnati.  All lego exhibits were built with ONLY legos.

head lego


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