How to Dress for Your First Corporate Job

As stated in my last post I’ve been extremely busy – graduating college (eek), traveling, landing an office job, and doing laundry… all while still trying to have some “me” time.  I can’t stress how important “me” time is for everyone.  You need time to yourself to wind down. Sometimes it’s really hard for me sit down for some “me” time because being with my friends is a blast, but sitting in your bed is also a blast.

Yesterday, my “me” time consisted of doing several loads of laundry and *trying* to clean my room [something I’ve been telling my parents I would do for the past two years – I always have an excuse, “it’s exam week/so much homework/i’ll do it over spring break/i’ll do it over summer break/fine, Christmas break/valentines day?!”]  As a recent graduate, my excuses have diminished drastically.  No excuse is valid.  So, obviously that doesn’t sound like a really relaxing day.

Today, my “me” time was to work on my blog and do my first fashion post in a very long time.  I enjoy photography and clothes, so this seemed like the perfect down time to myself.  Since I now have a job in an office, that meant retiring my Starbucks green apron that I’ve worn for 9 years and upgrade my wardrobe – which isn’t easy or cheap 😦

I’ve received so, so, so many compliments on this dress and this pair of shoes that I feel it’s only necessary to share the outfit with whoever is spending time reading this!



This dress is made up of cream, light beige, and black floral prints.

It has a jewel neckline, which I like as it appears to be more conservative (and I’m much more comfortable in clothes like this)


Holy over exposed!But I really liked the picture.


I work in Human Resources, so it’s important that I set an example for the appropriate dress code, which is why I decided to throw on this bright coral cardigan- it’s festive and summery.  Holy wind!


This dress is from Loft.  It looks like a two piece- skirt & matching top, but it’s a dress with a frilly top.  I love it and I like the way the dress is tight around the hips, but covers it with the loose top.


Ugh, these shoes are my absolute favorite.  They’re not your everyday heel, they’re unique looking.  I wore them four days in a row (to break them in and because I’m obsessed), so I had to switch to flats this week.  Heels are from Nine West in Macy’s.  I was really there to assist my friend Stephanie, but somehow I ended up with the last size in these!


I really need to show off my nails because again, these are very vibrant.  A lot of people noticed them at work because they’re basically right in your face.  I wanted to go with my comfort color – black, but I’m really trying to step away from that an add color into my life!



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