Sooooo my parents took me, Chase, my sister and her boyfriend to Maggianos on Tuesday and it was amazing!

I’ve never been before so I was excited to go…. aside from the fact that we had a reservation at 7PM and we weren’t seated until 7:30PM.. That was really inconsiderate. What’s the point of a reservation then?

Okay, so Chase and I took advantage of a BARGAIN called the Marcos Special, which included:

  • one appetizer
  • two entrees
  • one dessert

It was only $46!!! Can you even believe that? It was great to have such an abundant amount of food to take home being the lazy, poor college students that we are.


This was a delicious glass of wine: Moscato “Italian Bubbles” Secco.  Let me be real, I could easily drink a bottle of this and watch romantic comedies all night long with some popcorn and my cats.


THIS amazing dish is the four cheese pesto ravioli.  Hands down, I had the best meal at dinner, except no one wanted to try it.. that’s fine… I just want to order nine of these for myself.


Chase ordered lasagna. It was good, but I’m really just not that into lasagna to begin with.  We ordered fettuccine alfredo and baked ziti to go.  The alfredo was so good!

Fun fact about me: I took Italiano for two semesters! 5 days a week…. it was really draining.



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