My love for junk food is real.

I’m watching New Girl, as I’m sitting here with a war between my mind and my stomach.  I want to eat healthily, but I want to eat junk food.  I sat in this maroon recliner and I thought and I pondered and I wondered.

The verdict: Sea Salt Caramel gelato.  

That tomato bisque soup from Whole Foods in the pantry can shove it.

I came back to the recliner and envied Jess Day’s hair.  It’s so perfect and magnificent.  HOW?! As I ate the sea salt caramel gelato, I was wondering why I hadn’t gotten any chocolate chunks yet.  I didn’t want to keep eating it because then my boyfriend would know that I ate a lot of the ice cream that we eat together.  It’s cute and fun.  But I had to keep eating it in the name of chocolate chunks (please don’t think of poop.. but now you’re gonna think of poop..stop.. okay.. now.)

I kept eating it and finally a few magically appeared.. I had to eat all of them.  The reason I’m eating ice cream is because I was originally going to get Chipotle, but then Chase (my boyfriend’s name) wanted Chipotle, so duh I’m going to wait for him to get off work.   Thank God because I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to make us cheese ravioli for dinner at 9PM. Ok, so like I said, the tomato bisque soup could shove it for all I care, as I was eating the gelato, everything was in slow motion and every bite was incredible.

I stopped paying attention to New Girl and was just focused on the sea salt, as I was in a daze I noticed directly across from me was a can of soup. Not any can of soup, it’s worse than the Whole Foods soup………………….it was HEALTHY CHOICE soup… staring me dead in the eyes.  How dare it?  I mean, it’s my fault because I’m the one who brought a can of soup into the bedroom… but honestly…. this killed my whole entire slow motion, good munchin’ vibe.

It was like being at a party and all of a sudden you hear that vinyl scratch sound.

I put the ice cream back and decided to eat this friendly, organic, non-gmo popcorn.  Don’t even suggest making macaroni and cheese because the milk expired and I poured it down the drain last night 😥

I attempted to write a paper, but instead I decided to research yoga and then decided to look at the nutritional information of Chipotle.  DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY CALORIES ARE IN A BAG OF CHIPS? More than a big mac. 530 vs 570. *cries uncontrollably* I’m still gonna get chips tonight……


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