2014 media cleanse

2015 is upon us!!!!! And that scares me and excites me.  However, it’s left me wondering what I can do to better myself, as well as my life.  It’s late and I’m laying in bed and my plan was to study for my LAST exam of the semester tomorrow. YAY. I’m so happy (I’ll talk about school in a different post, I know it sounds really exciting) However, as I was laying in bed, I started thinking about my 2014 resolutions (which were all down the toilet by February 1st) and how I’m not ready to just let those resolutions die.. yet. I’m gonna give it another go!

So while I was laying in bed, I was on Twitter and I was thinking about how dumb it is and how much effort I put into Twitter.. like scrolling through the timeline or by simply following people on Twitter whose tweets make me want to throw my phone out the window.  That’s when I decided that my first step into entering 2015 was to do a little media cleanse.

No.. I don’t mean take a break from the media.  I actually already did that this semester for a project! But I mean take the time to actually scroll through who I follow on Twitter and unfollow the people A) who don’t use Twitter anymore B) whose tweets literally have me SMH and rolling my eyes.  I figured, hey, if their tweets are making me roll my eyes and I’m exerting negative energy from it… then they gotta go.  They don’t contribute to my happiness = I don’t need them!

Luckily, it was mostly people I don’t know, like small comedians who think they’re funny, but really they’re just recycled jokes after joke after joke after joke.  Okay, we get it.. You aren’t able to think of another joke.  “If you need my I’ll just be laying in bed with cheesecake.” I’m sorry, but switching cheesecake to taco bell the next day.. doesn’t make it funnier…

Sorry this post is really just one big jumbled mess!

But anyways, that’s what I did.. I scrolled through my following and unfollowed the people who indirectly contributed to the negativity in my life.  An eye roll is minimal, but think about seeing their tweets numerous times a day.  That’s only one social media platform.  FaceBook is next! I’ve contemplated just deleting it.. but I can’t.  After FaceBook, my e-mail is next.  I have over 25,000 unread e-mails and I need to get that under control.

It’s important to start the new year with a new slate.  I will be touching back with y’all with my 2015 resolutions and my post social media cleanse.

You would be surprised at how this actually does cause stress in people’s lives, especially e-mail!

Enjoy your monday!<3


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