I’m not sure if you guys read this post, but I talked about my classes for this semester.  One of the classes I’m taking is Writing for Media, which is really interesting and beneficial to my degree and future success.  For one of our projects/assignments we are learning about blogs!!  Which is really cool and helpful to me and we have to create a blog and obviously I already have one… because you’re reading this right now…

For the project we had to choose three ideas we would want our blog to be about:

  • Baking/Cooking
    • I recently discovered this as a hobby when my boyfriend went out of town for a week and I was like, “well what am I supposed to do with myself?” *starts crying*  So what any girl does, I hop over to Pinterest and pick out some recipes.  I found baking to be extremely relaxing and I really enjoyed it!
  • Fashion/Style
    • I love looking at clothes and buying clothes and… wearing clothes.
  • Lifestyle
    • the whole damn sha-bang
    • This would incorporate baking, style, travel, my thoughts thrown up onto a keyboard to be posted onto a screen, etc, etc

My professor said I could go with lifestyle, but I should try and narrow it down so people know what to expect, which is where you guys come into play.  My blog won’t be changing forever, but it has to change for a short period of time for this project.  So I’m wondering what you guys would like to see so I can narrow it down.  I was definitely leaning towards baking, but since I chose lifestyle, it can be anything.  I was kind of thinking of maybe doing baking and then showing an outfit of the day of what I baked in???  I’m really torn and obviously want to do a great job on this project!

What do you guys want to see/look forward to?


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