Chicago Trip!

About a month ago I took a weekend trip to Chicago the weekend before school started with my boyfriend, Chase and our friend, Kyle.  This is the first time I had been to Chicago in about four years and it was long overdue because the last time I went, it was pretty terrible, not the city, but…

So on the way there, the weather was terrible and scary, I was convinced we were going to see a tornado.

enroute to chicago

Another thing that made the storm even creepier is when you reach a certain point on the road you drive through a section of a lot of windmills and they just look so scary.  They’re obviously spinning, and look sharp and have one big red light on them.  They’re still cool….

en route 1


I shortly fell asleep after, which I was upset about because I was so excited to drive through the city.  The city of anywhere is pretty I think.  I just love it. BUT MISSED IT.  Chase tried to wake me up several times, but I just kept turning into an infant and going back to sleep.  So we get into Chicago, park, and walk up the street to this cute restaurant.  I don’t remember the name of it or I would tell you…


I had my first purple haze, which is a berry type beer.  I really enjoy fruity beers, preferably blueberry!


After that (it was incredibly humid) because it was partially outside, we went home to bed.


So on Friday we went to the Science and Industry museum.  Lemme tell you what, that is the biggest museum I had ever been to. AND WE WENT WITHOUT EATING.  So the whole time I was thinking, “ok were leaving soon” but more rooms just kept popping up.


That’s random butter I took a picture of….. I guess I was really hungry.  It was so cool though because we got to watch little chicks hatch!!! It was the cutest thing.  I video taped it, if anyones interested I’ll upload it to the tube.


The future is scary.



After we left the museum we went out for pizza to Gino’s East!

photo 5



We went to a blues bar later on and that was really cool and relaxing!



Then Kyle took a whiff of the candle and naturally made this face.


THEN we went to an arcade bar, which was freaking sweet.  It’s an arcade for adults! And the tokens for machines were so cheap, I’m talking like one token per game.  It was my first time playing bubble hockey and i was good at it.  Chase has been playing hockey for 17 years! So he was stoked to play this.  I wasn’t good at air hockey tho, just sayin….



Sadly, the day came and we had to return back to Cincinnati 😦 BECAUSE SCHOOL WAS STARTING THE NEXT DAY *starts throwing up everywhere* But we got donuts, and I paid for all of them because I wanted them that badly.



And that was the end of the trip. 😦 Chicago is a beautiful city with so much to do, if you haven’t been you should try! It’s like a miniature New York, which is also so great!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Xo.


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