Norris Lake

Have you been to Norris Lake? It’s in Tennessee. Did you just shake your head no? If you’re not from the Midwest/East coast, I don’t expect you to understand! SMH. Let me sum it up for you: my major is Communication with a minor in Electronic Media aka I am obsessed with social media and technology and Norris Lake is the one place in the world I would give up wifi and civilization.
You get off the highway and you take backgrounds for about 40 miles and you practically have no cell phone reception (which is kind of scary,) but once you get there, you literally just won’t even care.
Alright, so do you wanna read about my trip or not?
Alright, so we get there at midnight, we go out onto the house deck and start drinking beer. Here’s the thing, it’s so far from the city that you can see, like, two million more stars in the sky than you would near the city. My mom has told me about the sky in the country. It’s beautiful. I literally could stare at it all night. I’m about to start crying because. So we stay up until four in the morning getting drunk and playing Uno. You’re never too old for Uno. You’re just not.
At 8am in the next day I’m awoken by this really cute and hyper Irish setter. He literally punched me in the eye. Best wake up call everrrrrr.

We drive a half hour to Knoxville to go to the farmers market. I’ve never been to a farmers market before and I loved it! I saw a man walking his pig. At first I thought it was a corgi. It wasn’t a corgi. The second thing I saw was a man walking around with a bird on his head. Only in Tennessee! I spent $12 on a BLT. Not worth it. Talk about a disappointment. Honestly, the food truck said burgers, so when I saw BLT on the menu, I automatically assumed it was a BLT on a burger aka that is HEAVEN aka it was too good to be true.
We drove back to Norris Lake and got on the speed boat! It was my first time on a speed boat, and lemme tell you what, if you haven’t been on a speed boat before, add it to your bucket list. We started drinking, yes there was a lot of drinking on this trip. It was lake people do. It’s the totally “in” thing to do.

After we got off the speedboat, I hung out on a noodle and kept drinking. You know when you’re sitting down and you don’t really know if you’re drunk until you stand up? Well try floating in the water and getting out on to land. My boyfriend was fishing the whole time, but he made sure I stayed hydrated with l’acqua. He’s a sweet boy. We grilled out afterwards and I was dead asleep by 8PM.
The next day we drove the boat up the lake for 40 minutes to go to a restaurant. It was a chicken wing buffet. Here’s what you need to know about my boyfriend and I: we love chicken wings. Some would say were chicken wing connoisseurs, and neither of us would disagree with that. So we get the chicken wing buffet and that was probably the biggest mistake of our lives. You wanna talk about putrid? Talk no more. Oh my god, it was terrible. I had to drown a chicken leg in one gallon of hot sauce.
I tubed for a little bit afterwards (ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST PLS)
After a good day on the lake, we showered, and parted from Tennessee. It was heartbreaking.
En route to home, we got stuck in a stupid traffic jam for an hour. We pull up finally and see that a FIREWORK STORE CAUGHT ON FIRE AND BURNED TO THE GROUND. Can you even imagine? I bet not. I made a video about it with more detail if you’re interested. But that’s only if you’re interested. If you’re not interested THEN NOT MY PROBLEM.


-literally signing out for the evening xo


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